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Joe Ross

He has been trading since 1957, he inherited his passion for the subject from his maternal family, the Goodmans, who had been dealing with Financial Contracts since 1889.

Joe Ross is one of the most famous Traders in the world.

He has successfully overcome all the changes that have occurred in the markets, thanks to his trading techniques based on an approach that reduces risks and produces profits in a stable way.

Joe is the creator of the Ross Hook, and has set new standards for risk-controlled trading with his “The Law of Charts” and “Traders Trick Entry” concepts. Joe only traded privately for 30 years, from 1957 to 1987, but a serious health problem in 1987 changed his vision and prompted him to share his knowledge.

After his recovery, in addition to trading, he began writing books and teaching. He founded Trading Educators in 1988 to teach traders how to make profits using his trading techniques.

He has written 7 main books on trading, which are his most in-depth and up-to-date books, all of which have been translated into many languages.

Together with another author he also wrote the 4 books of the TNT series

Joe received his BS in Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles. He attended graduate computer science courses at George Washington University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Joe is a Master Trader and continues his trading activity successfully year after year. In addition, he devotes a portion of his time to teaching, writing and guiding Trading Educators.

In recent years he has dedicated his passion to the development of a new distribution paradigm based on an ecosystem of coordinated companies to bring all his competence and potential for results in a simple and effective way to the final customer and to the Institutions. Trading and its JRFT Introducing Broker Ambassadors.

Solutions for our customers

We have poured 131 years of experience into the most innovative solutions at the service of Institutional and Private Customers accessible EXCLUSIVELY through our Liquidity Provider and through our Partners AUTHORIZED INTERMEDIARIES.

The earning and career opportunities that we can offer you are absolutely extraordinary and concrete.

High profile training

Why settle for it?

Learn the secrets of trading directly from the source through courses based on Joe Ross' 60+ years of market experience.

Decide your strategy

Nobody can care about your future more than yourself

Open a demo account with the 100% Ethical Broker selected according to the dictates of Joe Ross and immediately begin to experience what you have learned

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If you don't want to wait

Open your real account, pay the amount you wish to dedicate to advanced trading and, thanks to the most advanced technology, start "COPYING" thanks to the "PAMM" software by applying the famous trading strategies of Joe Ross and Top Traders from selected him.

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